Who are we?

Who Are We?


The Long Siding Farm grows 100%, USDA certified, organic vegetables and fruit. Our fields are inspected by trained inspectors. We don’t just say we are organic. We really are. The following are a few of the practices we employ for environmental protection and food safety: crop rotation, use of organic seed, use of OMRI listed organic fertilizers, green manures and plant compost. No harmful pesticides or herbicides are ever used.


Most of our produce is picked and delivered/sold within 24 hours of harvest.


Our family has been farming in the Long Siding, Minnesota area
since World War I.

The Long Siding Farm is located about one hour north of Minneapolis off highway 169, near a small village that was once a railroad stop. That village is Long Siding. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, farm products, lumber, and passengers were moved from there to various destinations. My grandfather was born in Holland. After coming to the United States, he began farming near Long Siding in 1918, along with my grandmother and their oldest son who was my father. In 1973, my father sold his farm to two of my older brothers who continued the tradition of dairy and crop farming. Today one still grows soybeans and corn there.

After straying from the family tradition by going to college and seminary, then becoming a pastor and teacher, I have returned to the soil. My wife, originally from the south shore of Boston, enthusiastically supports and participates. She was the key to successfully converting some of the fields to organic farming. We received our certification in July of 2009. Today we work the soil in a manner similar to my grandfather.